I.M. Picky II
I.M. Picky II
Title Commissioner
Gender Male
Age 27
Marital Status Single
Personality Neat
Fun Rating Required 300
Statistics (%)
Power Hitter 0
Long Driver 0
Accurate Driver 30
Accurate Irons 10
Accurate Putter 10
Draw Shot (R to L) 10
Fade Shot (L to R) 30
High Backspin Shot 0
Recovery Skills 0
Luck 0

I.M. Picky II is a special character in SimGolf. When the player's Fun Rating is high enough, he will come and play the course. If he has an enjoyable time, he will allow the player to purchase another piece of land. After his round of golf, and if he had an enjoyable time, a pop up will appear, giving the player the option to purchase land or not. If yes is selected, it will bring the player to a land selection screen where the player can select a piece of land to purchase. This screen shows the size and cost of each piece of land.