The game's Main Menu.

The Main Menu is what the player sees upon launching the game. From here, the player can start a New Game, continue a Saved Game, enter Sandbox Mode, play a Championship, and select a Theme. There is also a button in the bottom right corner to exit the game.

Start New GameEdit

Clicking Start New Game brings you to the "Select Difficulty" page. Here, you can select from 4 difficulties: Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Impossible. After selecting the difficulty, you now must select your course location. Each location has its own name, bonus, size, and cost. You start out with 100,000 simoleons to purchase a location (the same for all difficulties), which range from 50,000 to 1,000,000 simoleons. A yellow tack means that location is available, black means insufficient funds, and purple means already purchased. Picking a location brings you right into the game, where a mini tutorial is begun to get the player started on the right foot.

Continue Saved GameEdit

Clicking Continue Saved Game brings you to the "Load Previous Game" page. Every save you've made is listed here. Selecting a save brings up the current Holes, Par, Yards, Cash, Fun Rating, Length Skill, Accuracy Skill, and Imagination for the course at the point the save was made, as well as each hole's Par and Yards. Below the saved games list is a box that, when a save is selected, displays the course name, theme, who designed it, and the course record (strokes and the record holder's name). At the bottom right is a "Reset World" button that, when clicked, displays new sizes and costs for each location. There is also a "Cancel" button to take you back to the Main Menu.

Sandbox ModeEdit

Clicking Sandbox Mode brings you to the course location selection page. This page looks the same as it does when you click "Start New Game", only every location is yellow ("Available"). In the top right, it shows that the player has unlimited simoleons (hence it being the sandbox mode).

Play a ChampionshipEdit

Clicking Play a Championship brings you to the "Select Difficulty" page. Once the difficulty is selected, the "Select Championship Course" page allows the player to select a course to play a championship at. None are shown initially.

Select a ThemeEdit

Clicking Select a Theme brings you to the "Select a Theme Pack" page. Initially, it shows 4 theme packs: Firaxis, More Stories, Standard, and The Sims. Each theme pack can have 5 different things in it, and they are listed at the top: Stories, Characters, Celebrities, Pro Golfers, and Courses. Once a theme pack is selected, the player is brought back to the main menu, and, upon playing a game, the theme pack will be implemented.